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Finishing Equipment

SD Series Spin Dryer

Ideal for drying small parts in plating and finishing parts

HE Series High Energy

Centrifugal Barrel
  • Low Decibel Operation
  • Simple Load and Unload
  • Easy Installation
  • Variable Speed
  • Polyurethane Lining
  • Separator
  • Rubber Lining
  • Divided Compartments
  • 240/360/480 Volts 50/60 HZ


The G Series systems are a series of dry barrel tumblers that are available in single and double barrel models. Stacking one above the other, double units save floor space. The double unit’s platform bar is removable, making the bottom barrel easy to get at. Barrels are available with one or two and in some cases, three compartments. Barrels are constructed from a special composite of wood and resin designed to enhance the dry processing. Screen and solid doors have metal frames that fit closely. Special sizes and machines can be built to order. Double barrel models (GD Series) have individual drives and motors for each barrel. If, through some outside chance, trouble with one motor or drive should develop, the other barrel keeps right on working.


The TT Series systems are a series of open-ended, oblique, tilting tumblers – a special type of tumbler in which the barrel is open at the end and is mounted cantilever on a tilting shaft. The tilting tumbler is a versatile machine suitable for wet or dry barrel finishing processes. This particular system features a tapered octagonal shaped barrel for maximum tumbling action.

K9 Series

The K9 Series systems are bench-top, wet barrel tumblers that perform the same tasks as larger units, such as deburring, descaling, forming radii, improving surface finishes, burnishing, and cleaning, yet are compact enough to fit virtually anywhere. These tumblers are a favorite within the jewelry industry.

W Series

The W Series systems are large, floor model, horizontal, wet barrel tumblers. They are heavy-duty, fully featured tumbling machines with standard capacities ranging from 5 to 30 cubic feet. The W Series features a timer, overload protection, fixed speed control, heavy chain drive, swing down guard with safety interlock and sturdy wrap-around housing with an A-frame reinforcement. The K Series systems meet the same specifications as the W Series systems, but with variable speed control.

CD Series

Disc Finisher
The Process
  • (Processing) High Speed Disc Processes 6 times faster than the traditional Vibrating Bowl
  • The Centrrifugal Force Developed by the High Speed Rotation of the Disc Creates a Faster Cutting and Deburring of Metals, Plastics, and Ceramics
  • Self-Cleaning Seal Allows for Longer Seal Life and Easy Access to all Service Areas
  • Constructed of High Quality Steel and Lined with Polyurathane
  • Advanced Seal Design
  • Variable Speed
  • Automatic Load and Unload

VA Series

Vibratory Bowls
  • High Quality Steel
  • All Welds Double Checked
  • Built to Industrial Standards
  • Easy Access to all service areas
  • Full Spiral Bottom allows 100% separation
  • Simple to Automate
  • Simple Adjustable Amplitude
  • Curved Bowl Design ensures that parts will not ride up on top of the media

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About Company

Kearsarge PegCo, a division of Kramer Industries, Inc., is the leading provider of dry finishing tumbling equipment, media, and compounds for metal, plastics, and wood parts. In operation for over 150 years, Kearsarge Pegco is the place to start when you need to finish something.

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