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Ceramic media may be recommended in use for polishing, light to heavy deburring. This media is used best for cutting heavy and hard metals. Most ceramic media is made of silica and abrasives.

Ceramic Porcelain has been used for years by major manufacturers and metal fabricators for its superior cleaning ability and high durability.

Plastic media may be used for pre-painted or pre-plated finishing, polishing, and fast/heavy cutting. Plastic media is used on soft metals like brass and aluminum. Also, stringy materials to avoid rolling burrs into a hole. Plastic media leaves a very smooth finish and very little shine.

Works Harder – Lasts Longer Steel media’s substantial weight exerts added pressure to a mass of components in vibratory and barrel finishing equipment. As work pieces force their way and vibrate through this mass, the pressure and increased resistance from steel media is especially effective in reducing finishing times.

Compounds, waxes, pastes & powders are used in various polishing, cutting and smoothing stages. We can customize the formula to fit the needs of the customers.

Are used to help wash parts, de­-scale, adding rust protecting.

Used in dry process barrel and vibratory finishing applications for smoothing and finishing plastic and for light deburring/finishes of metals. This may also be used in conjunction with abrasive or polishing compounds.

Walnut shell: Is ground into various grit sizes to be used in blast cleaning and polishing. Corn Cob: Smooth flowing abrasive made from the hard woody ring of the cob. This is used as a tumbling and vibratory media to absorb dirt and oils and to dry parts, without affecting the surface of the parts Both of these medias are considered biodegradable, and non-toxic.

Hardwood Tumbling Media is a unique product. Unlike wet tumbling medias, Hardwood Media is exclusively used for dry tumbling. The Hardwood Media is available in a variety of shapes and size; though, Pegs and Cubes are most popular. The Hardwood Media is charged or treated with a Finishing Cream depending on the step in the process being run. Once a batch of Hardwood Media is treated with a Cream, it is only used with that Cream. Specifics about the Hardwood Tumbling Media can be found here.

The Premium Treated Tumbling Media products are the hallmark of dry tumbling and dry finishing. These products are formulated using a foundation of a variety of different abrasive grit products. The base is treated with lubricants, abrasive or polishing additives, and binders. These work together to produce light cutting action or very high polishes on metals and plastics. These are ready-to-use products and not Compounds or other agents are added. Details about this unique line of products can be found here.

In addition to Hardwood Media and Treated Tumbling Media, there are many instances where untreated medias are used in dry tumbling. Medias like Walnut Shell Grit and Corn Cob Grit can be used for economical light polishing and drying of parts. More abrasive medias like Aluminum Oxide Grit can provide deburring and deflashing. The opportunities available using dry tumbling are nearly endless once the wide variety of General Tumbling Media are considered.

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